Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Caroline's 1st birthday was last Wednesday and her party on Saturday. I'm pretty sure everyone was in awe at how fabulous Caroline's party turned out...not that anyone expected less from Katie! : ) She did an AMAZING job! She had been planning for months and all her hard work showed. Here are just a couple of shots of the decorations.

Great family shot!

Here is Kaeleigh. She was more concerned about getting back out to the jump around than she was in having her picture taken.

Heather and Gracyn

Gracyn crashed about half way through the party. She missed Caroline opening her gifts and eating her cake :(

After the party, we stayed around to visit for a little while. Gracyn is sitting up so well now and is able to interact more with Caroline. Here they are playing tea party.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day...

To the best Dad ever!!!! These are some of my favorite pictures from the past couple of months.

Dad holding his new baby girl right after she was born.

Reading Gracyn her first book, "If You Give a Pig a Party."

Asleep on the couch.

In style on Valentine's Day.

Looking good at G-rise's wedding.

Gracyn is so lucky to have such a great Daddy! She is going to be a Daddy's girl, for sure!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ready for the Hogs!

Gracyn is ready to call the Hogs!

We met up with some friends at Guido's to watch the Diamond Hogs take on the Sun Devil's at the super regional. Unfortunately we lost in the 12th inning when ASU hit a home run.

Gracyn sitting up all by herself in the high chair. It didn't last long. I think she was bored.

Gracyn has gotten some new toys this past month. We finally got around to buying her exersaucer. She hasn't really figured out how to move forward, instead she moves backwards.

When we are on the computer we usually put Gracyn in her swing (we moved it to the computer room.) Sometimes she thinks she needs to be sitting on our lap and then she'll bang around on the keyboard. I decided that she needed a computer of her own. I bought her the Vtech, my first laptop. It lights up and plays music. I don't think she realizes that the buttons is what causes the music to play and the "screen" to light up. She is always trying to grab the flashing lights on the screen and ends up closing it instead.