Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Day in the Park

Yesterday the weather was amazing! It was bright, sunny, and in the 70's. We couldn't have asked for a better day to go to the park! We were originally supposed to have a weekend in Van Buren with Eric, Katie, and Caroline. However, I had been sick all week so we postponed. I was planning on just laying around all weekend, but Clint decided we needed to get out of house since the day was so nice. I'm so glad we did!

We started off by going to Flying Burrito for lunch then we were going to head to the park. We drove to two local parks, but they were so packed we couldn't find a parking space. We decided we would stop by PetSmart and get Maggie a new collar, park the car there, then walk along the Fayetteville trail. We get the stroller out of the car and I get Gracyn out and she was soaked! I had just changed her before we left the house so not sure what happened, but her dress was all wet. So, we stripped her down in the back of the Xterra, changed her diaper, then headed back to the house. We decided that Clint would drop us off and go to Tractor Supply Store to get Maggie a new collar while I changed Gracyn. Once he got back, we got Gracyn in the stroller and Maggie harnessed up and decided we would just walk to the Farmington Park, which is a little over a mile away. PERFECT DAY!

Gracyn enjoying her lunch!

Being pushed by Daddy!

Rocking in the Whale!

She LOVED to slide! I see a trip to the park becoming a frequent thing once Spring officially arrives. It's such a great walk there and back too.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snow Angel!

Gracyn's first snow was on her first Christmas Day. She was only five weeks old so I didn't date take her out in it! This past Thursday (Jan. 20) it snowed good snow! You know, the big, fat snowflakes! Unfortunately, I had to work. I knew I should have taken a vacation day seeing how it was my birthday and a snow day! As soon as I got home from work, we put Gracyn's coat, hat, and gloves on and went out to play! Well, we didn't really play. We just sat her in the snow. She looked at us like we were crazy! We hurried and made a snow angel then went inside to get ready to go out to celebrate my birthday!

Mommy and Gracyn in the snow!


Gracyn's first snow angel!

Getting ready to go to dinner!

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Look at the Past Year..and the Year to Come!

We had such a wonderful past year. We got to see Gracyn grow and learn so much in such a small amount of time. It amazes me that something so small can grow so fast both physically and mentally. She truly is the most amazing little girl.

January...We rung in 2010 with Katie and Caroline!

Febraury... "Thug Life" Gracyn came home from daycare in this yucky old sleeper. I had forgotten to bring a change of clothes the day of her class Valentine Party.

March...Gracyn attended her first wedding..Shannon and Scott's beautiful wedding!

April...Gracyn's first Easter!

May...Developed a taste for all things "bean."

June...Had a blast at Caroline's 1st birthday party!

July...Pet an alligator!

August...Met Bobby Petrino!

September...1st Hog Game!

October...Was a Roaming Gnome!

November...Celebrated her 1st Birthday!

December...Had a wonderful Christmas!

New Year's Eve we celebrated at home with Aunt Jeffie. We ordered pizza and rented a movie. Gracyn wasn't awake for the countdown to midnight, but we snuck in her room and told her Happy New Year. We talked about what this year holds for Gracyn...her first step (I'm thinking any day now!) her first phrase, her first haircut (haha, yeah right!) She is going to learn so much this year, as are we!

The next day we watched football and had a yummy New Year's lunch of spare ribs, sauerkraut, and black eyed peas. This girl LOVES beans! Black beans, pinto beans, black eyed peas....she is a BEAN MACHINE!