Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Perfect 10....times 3!

Friday was my 30th birthday. EEK! I got to work to a decorated desk and a pan of slutty brownies. It's a layer of cookie, then oreos and hot fudge, topped with brownie batter. They were so rich and delicious!

I got treated to lunch at PF Changs then for dinner Clint and Gracyn took me to Shoguns. How lucky am I to get PF Changs and Shogun in one day?!!! After dinner we went to the Arkansas Gymbacks meet. Gracyn got to meet Sue E. up close and she loved her! I can't really say she enjoyed the meet. She was in it at first but got bored after awhile.

Gracyn got to spend all day Saturday with Aunt Janaca. I took her over there after gymnastics then I rushed to Bud Walton Arena. The Hogs were playing Michigan. Bud Walton was sold out and insane! It was great to see it like it used to be. The Hogs won the game!!!

After the game Clint took me to get my new Iphone! I've finally upgraded from a 3G to a 4S!!! Then we headed to Fast Lanes to meet some friends for bowling! We had a great time. I was really dreading turning 30, but really there isn't anything to is only going to get better!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good times and Bad Times

I was really looking forward to this past weekend for several reasons. One, I got to take Gracyn to gymnastics. Two, we were having our Annual Post Christmas Party. Three, Caroline and Gracyn were going to see each other. Four, Heather and her new man were coming up to stay the night!

I hadn't been the one to take Gracyn to gymnastis for the last 4 weekends. One Saturday I had to work, next two Saturdays they were closed due to Christmas and New Years, then the next Saturday I was in Little Rock. Gymnastics day is like the highlight of my week. I just love to see Gracyn learn new things and excel at the things she has been praticing for weeks. However, this weekend she was not on her best behavior. She is usually one of the best behaved kids in her class, but this weekend she just didn't want to do what she was supposed to do. Her favorite thing to do is the bars, but this weekend she didn't want anything to do with them. Once she realized she missed her turn twice in a row she wanted to cut in front of the other kids. When I wouldn't let her she started crying, "My bars! My bars!" I had to take her out of the room and get her to calm down. After that, she did a little better.

After gymnastics we headed home and Gracyn took her nap.  The Bunzels came up later that afternoon so Gracyn and Caroline could open their gifts. I found these personalized pillows a couple of months ago at Sarah and Abraham. I just love everything they have!!! We had the hardest time trying to get them to take a picture together with the face of their pillows showing. One would have it in the right direction, then we would tell the other to turn theirs around. Once they turned it around, the other would turn theirs the wrong way! Katie got the girls the cutest elephant cross body bags filled with goodies! They has so much fun opening their gifts and modeling their bags!

Silly girls! They loved their pillows!

Such big girls...they look like they are just chatting it up!

After the girls opened their gifts we headed to Chris and Hannah's for the Annual Post Christmas Party. We do a white elephant gift exchange. The gifts are always the most ramdom things you can imagine. We always have such a good time! Someone even got Squid Jerkey from Korea as a gift! As you can imagine, the guys just had to open it and try. It was the stinkiest thing EVER!!!! Yuck!
Could you imagine eating this nasty thing?!!!

I really didn't intend for this blog post to be this long. So....on to the bad part of the week. Monday evening I could tell Gracyn wasn't feeling well. She had glazed look in her eyes and just wanted me to hold her. That night she woke up with 103 degrees fever! I kept her home from school on Tuesday and Clint took her to the doctor. She has pneumonia!!! They doctor said it's just in her right lung and that we caught it very early so she should be fine.  I just feel so bad for my little baby. She wouldn't eat or drink hardly anything for 2 days. She finally ate a little bit of dinner tonight and drank some apple juice. She started to perk up before bed time so I'm hoping she will get better in the next couple of days.