Monday, April 28, 2014

A Very Busy Day!

Gracyn and Cole had a very busy day last Saturday! We had an Easter party, a birthday party, and a sleepover all in the same day!

Gracyn had a blast getting her face painted at the Easter party! She even got to plant some flowers to take home!

The Easter Bunny even came to visit!

After the Easter party and Dixon's birthday party, we headed down to Van Buren for a sleepover with Caroline and Brooks. These kiddos sure do have a lot of fun together!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cole is 10 Months Old!

Cole is in the double digits in months!!! I just can't believe how fast his first year is going. Maybe because he is my second so I'm super busy with two kids. I don't remember Gracyn's first year going by this fast! Cole weighs 19.4 lbs, which is up from last month, but barely over where he was at 8 months. The doctor is not worried about that though, since he is still in the 50% on weight and isn't losing. Pretty sure it was those pesky stomach bugs. Cole now has 6 teeth!!! Two on the bottom and 4 on the top. Poor guy pretty much had them all come in at once. He was a trooper though. Cole is still breastfeeding! I can't believe we have made it this long! He does not like it when I feed him his food. He wants to do it himself. I have to give him a spoon to hold in order for me to feed him with the other spoon. It's gotten easier for me to just give him little pieces of real food and let him feed himself....he loves peas and corn! It won't be long before he just picks up a rib and eats it! HA!
This poor puppy....he just gets wallered all over in pictures.

Monday, April 21, 2014


We love our sleepovers with our bestest friends! Cole and Brooks had their first sleepover a couple of weeks ago, then we had a weekend visit with the Gladstone's in Little Rock!

We know Gracyn and Caroline enjoy their sleepovers, but this time was a little different. They actually got to sleep in the same room! We put them up in the playroom and they LOVED it! Cole and Brooks need to have a little more practice at the sleepover, which is why we are having one this weekend!

We had a blast spending a weekend in Little Rock with the Gladstone's! We made a trip to the Museum of Discovery on Saturday afternoon. We spent some time tinkering with mechanics, we checked out the human body, then made our way to Tornado Alley! We all had a great time! We then headed to Big Orange for lunch. I would be a very happy girl if they ever came to NWA. The lemon icebox shake is amazing!!!

We loved spending time with "Baby Will" as Gracyn calls him. He is so much fun! I can't wait to see him and Cole grow to be friends! Clint seems to think Will is going to be the ring leader and get the boys (Will, Cole, and Brooks) into lots of trouble. If these boys are anything like their daddies, they are ALL going to be trouble when they get together!

Cole's First Easter

A few pictures from Cole's first Easter. We all woke up to find that the Easter Bunny had dropped off some gifts in Gracyn's and Cole's Easter baskets! Grayn got PJ's and a lot of My Little Pony goodies! Cole got some PJ's, a bunny, some legos, and a book! Later that morning, we met Ma, Peepa, and Aunt Jeffie for brunch at Goldent Corral!

Monday, April 14, 2014

NWA Heartwalk

Northwest Arkansas holds an annual HeartWalk to benefit the Heart Association and JB Hunt is a big money raiser for them. CDP, the department I work in was able to raise over $3000 this year. We were excited to go this year to represent JB Hunt in the fight against heart disease! We actually had a really good time. We started off with about a 2 mile walk. Then we walked around the ball park to all the vendor booths. The best part of it was that Gracyn had a blast! That is, until she ran into a tree branch on the way out of the park.

Getting ready for the walk!

Look at her go!

Cole decided he needed a nap. It was a perfect day to take a nap outside!

This was after the tree branch incident. She was still upset.