Monday, March 12, 2012

The Lorax

Friday night Clint went to Hot Springs with his friends for a Bachelor party weekend. Gracyn and I decided we would have a girl's night out. I picked her up at Tamara's house to find her in a pink tutu and polished nails. She twirled all around to show me her pretty skirt. She had a blast at Tamara's!

We decided to go see The Lorax. We got some popcorn and a drink and headed in. I thought this kid was going to wiggle out of her skin because she was so excited to get her hands on that popcorn! Once we got settled in she attacked the popcorn! There was a preview for an animated movie, ParaNorman, that was about a loner kid that could see ghosts. He had to save his town from this ghouly creatures. This scared Gracyn. I don't think we will be seeing ParaNorman.  However, we both really enjoyed The Lorax. I had never read the book so had no idea what it was about, but found I really enjoyed it.

This is the Lorax. Handsome little creature.

This had to be one of my favorite parts of the movie! They are eating marshmellows!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gracyn's Favorite Books.

It makes me so happy that Gracyn wants me to read to her every night. We have the same ritual for bedtime every night and she knows that reading is part of that. After bath time, we put her pj's on then she tells me "I wanna book." She has tons of books, but she has three favorites.

Sarah brought Gracyn the If You Throw a Pig a Party book and stuffed pig to the hospital the day Gracyn was born. This will always be a special book to me for this reason alone. It's the first book that Gracyn really took to and wanted to read over and over. We would work on colors by picking out the different color balloons. She would name all the animals and tell me what sound they would make.

Ma got Gracyn Llama Llama Red Pajama for her 2nd birthday. We read this almost every night. It's about a little llama that is getting ready for bed. He stirs up all kinds of llama drama as he is waiting for his mama to bring him a drink. Gracyn loves the way I tell the story a little louder as baby llama gets more dramatic. I think she needs the other books in the series, which include, "Llama Llama Home with Mama", and "Llama Llama Mad at Mama."

Gracyn got Love, Splat as part of her Valentine's gift. It's about a clumsy cat that likes another cat at his Cat School, Kitten. He makes her a special Valentine card but is scared to give it to her. Spike, another cat at Cat School, also likes Kitten. Spike makes Kitten a giant card and Splat feels defeated so throws his card to Kitten in the trash can. Kitten finds the card and chooses Splat! What a great love story! This is also one that read every night.

I found a blog on pinterst on books every little girl should read. I look forward to crossing the books off the list as Gracyn gets older. I love to read and hope she will as well. At this point, I think she will!