Sunday, December 28, 2014

A White (late) Christmas!

Christmas time and Ma and Peepa's house turned out to be a white Christmas!!!

This picture was at Nonna's house, but I have to throw it in there! Best cousins enjoying Christmas together!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas at Home!

Christmas is always so much more fun when the kids are old enough to know what is going on. Cole is a little more at that point than he was last year. The kids always get to open two gifts on Christmas Eve...their Christmas pajamas and their ornament for that year. Is there anything cuter than kids in Christmas PJ's? I think not!

Cole got a Christmas book with his pj's!

Making cookies for Santa!

Gracyn insisted on giving the reindeer apples instead of carrots this year!

Santa came!!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

All Aboard the Polar Express!!!!

Clint's hometown, Bristow, OK, hosted the Polar Express this year. The entire ride is based on the children's book, The Polar Express. Gracyn and Cole were so excited to get to ride on a real train!!!!

As we were getting our picture made, the Hobo made his way around to shake hands with everyone! Once we boarded the train, the cooks handed out cookies and hot chocolate to everyone! We even got a keepsake mug to take home! I'm pretty sure that sugar cookie was the best cookie I've ever had!

As we were riding to the North Pole and eating our cookies and sipping our hot chocolate, the cooks and elves came down the aisles singing the songs that are also sung in the movie. We stopped at the North Pole where Santa got on board and handed silver bells to all the kids.

We had so much fun and hope the town of Bristow hosts again next year so we can ride again!

Of course Cat Cat had to come!

Kiddos in their Nutcracker pajamas!

Gracyn, Ma, and Cat Cat

You know how Hog fans call the hogs wherever they are? This is a prime example. WPS!

Getting her golden ticket punched!

The North Pole!!! (Minus the Snow!)
Santa handed out silver bells to all the kids!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Berry Sweet Birthday Girl!

Gracyn insisted on a Strawberry Shortcake a Strawberry Shortcake party she got!  I can't believe my little baby is already 5 years old!!!!

I decided to go light this year and just have cake, cookies, and a few snacks. The topiary Katie made for my baby shower worked perfect for this party!

Got to get a picture of the little besties!

These little kiddos had a blast!

Cake time!!!!
Even Cole had a blast in the blocks!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

First of all let me say...I'm about 6 months behind in blogging. I'm going to be playing some catch up in the next few days (I hope anyway.)

So was so cold!!! Gracyn was a mermaid and Cole was a pirate! Clint brought the kids to work so they did the majority of their Trick or Treating there. We stopped by Aunt Jeffies's then went to the Grise's house...these are our usual stops from work to home. Once we got home. we put the kids in the wagon and went around our neighborhood. Poor Gracyn, she was so cold she didn't even want to get out of the wagon! We finally decided we just needed to go home!

Gracyn made treats for her Halloween party at school!

My little Mermaid and Pirate of the Sea!

This is as good as it gets.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sick Boy

Poor Cole has been suffering from vomitting cycles for months now. It all started around the time he turned six months old. This is also the time I stopped exlusively breastfeeding him and the time we introduced solids. We'd take him to the doctor and was always told "it's a stomach bug." However, I knew this was not the case. He goes a couple of weeks with no issues, then for about a week straight he throws up. It usully happens in the car. So people tell me that he is probably getting car sick. However, too many times it happens as we are pulling out of our drive way or a parking lot. So that can't be it.

Cole was finally going to get to go to his first Razorback football game! However, on the way there he got sick. So we met Jeffie and put Gracyn's carseat in her car so that Clint and Gracyn could go ahead and go to the game and I took Cole home to get him cleaned up.

Getting sick this often is exhausting. Poor guy.

A day we finally started to get somewhere! Daycare called to tell me he was getting sick and I needed to come get him. I took him straight to NW Pediatric Clinic. We talked with a doctor we hadn't ever seen before. I felt like she was actually listening to my concerns. She did not say the words "stomach bug" one time, which made me so happy! We went over different things it could be and scheduled an appointment to get an Upper GI Tract done.

At Collier's Drugstore waiting on his prescription. The doctor have him an antacid. She said it wouldn't keep him from throwing up, but would at least take the acid out of his throw up.

Patiently waiting to be called back for his Upper GI. They said everything looked normal. So we continue to monitor what he is eating and he had only had a few episodes. Oh yeah, so back when we met the doctor I had told her that I had noticed it has happened the last 2-3 times after eating citrus. So, she said to cut out acidic foods. That seems to be the trigger.

Look how cute and happy this little guy was after his appointment! We meet with the doctor again in January so we'll see what she says!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Haney Wedding!

Heather and Bubba are married!!!!! I was so happy she asked me to be her maid of honor! We had such a fun time celebrating the bride all weekend! We started off with a brunch at the Country Club on Friday then went for pedicures! That evening, we had the rehearsal dinner and a fish fry. The next morning, the bridesmaids (me, Sarah, and Katie) went for Starbucks then headed to the church to get ready. We had our hair and makeup done and all looked fabulous! The wedding was a success and the reception was FUN! I had such a great time just letting loose and enjoying the weekend without kids.

Me and the Bride! Heather got us all matching tank tops with our monogram. We looked so cute!

Doesn't she look gorgeous?!

Found myself a handsome date!

Weddings are serious business! Everyone had so much fun in the photobooth!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Family Weekend at the River

For the past couple of years, Clint's parent's have rented a house on the White River for us to stay. This year, we stayed at the same place we did last year. It's always a fun, relaxing weekend. We have family over for dinner, spend time down at the river bank, and this year we went swimming at the lake.

Clint's parents went to Ohio and came back with hats for the kids. I have to say, Cole looks very handsome in a hat!

This girl LOVES to fish! Last year, it rained so we didn't get spend much time fishing. This year, she would have spent all day fishing! She obvioulsy has some Peevy blood in her!

The first Hog game of the season was while we were at the river. We lost to Auburn. At least Cole learned to called the Hogs! He had a pretty good teacher!

Sporting her Hog wear!

Cole is enjoying a sandwich on the banks of the lake.

Roasting marshmellows on the last night!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Beach Trip 2014

Beach trip 2014 was a blast! We went to Gulf Shores again this year, after missing last summer since little Cole and Brooks were born. This year, we decided to get a condo instead of a house. It was the way to go!!! It was such a nice condo. We can't wait to go back next year!!!

"Are we there yet?!" All the kids were good little travelers!

We LOVED our view! Especially in the morning while drinking our coffee and eating breakfast!

First day on the beach. Gracyn loved the water and Cole loved the sand!

Little Sand Buddies!

Alligator Alley! Cole loved the little gators!

Feeding the gators!

Gracyn loved holding the snakes!

Go Kart Racing!!!

Sweet boy at the pier!

Sweet friends, sweet memories!

Family pictures!

Beautiful girl!

Checking out the sea life at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab!

Fun times at the water park!

Cool dude!

Farewell Beach Trip 2014

Looking cute in their airbrush shirts!