Sunday, February 28, 2010

First Sleepover!

Gracyn had a very busy weekend! Saturday we had a baby shower to attend for Brittney and her baby boy due in April. Gracyn got him a blue seapony because she loves her own so much. She is such a little social butterfly, just like her mommy and daddy. She sat up and just took everything in. Everyone was amazed at how attentive she was. After the shower we headed down to Van Buren for her first sleepover with Baby Caroline.

We got to Katie's that afternoon and let the girl's interact a little. This usually involves Gracyn just lying there while Caroline explores what the little creature is beside her.

Later, after we dropped Caroline off with Katie's parents we took Gracyn to my mom's house. She was thrilled to stay a couple of hours with Nanny, Aunt JoJo, and Aunt KK. Katie and I went to Rolondo's for some grown up girl time. Gracyn must have had too much fun, because she was passed out when we got there to pick her up she slept through the night.

Sunday morning Caroline stayed home with her Daddy while we went to Cracker Barrel for some breakfast. When we got back we took some more pictures and some video of the girls. I can't wait til they are both a little older and can really interact with each other. Sadly, it will be here soon enough....they grow too fast! I know this will be the first sleepover of many to come!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy V-Day!!!!

Gracyn's daycare had a valentines party Friday. I signed up to bring goody bags for her class. Well, what do you put in goody bags for a class of babies? I decided to go with a couple chocolate hearts that I figured the parents would eat and some cute, heart shaped sunglasses. I had put Gracyn in a valentine outfit and thought that when I picked her up I would put her sunglasses on her and take some cute pictures. Well...when I got there to pick her up she had on a yucky, red sleeper with navy blue cuffs. According to Miss Amber she had a "major blowout." I had forgotten to bring an extra change of clothes so they put that on her. Poor kid...she looked like a homeless bum baby! In this picture she looks more like a thug.

Saturday, my mom came up. Kaeliegh wanted to bring Gracyn her Valentine gifts. She picked out a HUGE balloon with birds on it. She thought it was perfect since Gracyn had birds in her room. Here is Aunt KK and Gracyn.

We took Gracyn to get her 3 month old pictures taken. She was so good all day and took some really cute pictures. Here are a couple of the ones we got. I just took pictures of these with my camera so the quality isn't good. There are some naked baby pictures that are also really cute. I didn't get one that is Clint's favorite so I figure we will be ordering some more.