Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beary Best Friends!

Katie and I have been planning for the day the girls would be old enough to take them to Build a Bear. Well...they have finally reached the age! We had a Mother Daughter Day that consisted of Build a Bear, shopping, dinner at Mimi's Cafe, yogurt ay Yum Yo's, and play time!

We started off will Build a Bear. Caroline picked a limited edition Blizzard Ice Cream Bear and dressed her in a Tuti Fruiti bikini. She named her Tuti. Gracyn picked a silver cat and dressed her in a ballerina outfit and named her Meow.

So much fun! We look forward to doing this again!

Meet Meow and Tuti!

We had a lot of fun, but was so exhausted by the end of the evening. Mother Daughter Days aren't as easy as they were just a couple of months ago when the girls were ok with sitting in the stroller. Katie and I decided that our next outing will just be a Mothers Day out. Looking forward to that!

Monday, July 4, 2011

My Little Firecracker!

We had a great 4th of July this year! We were able to spend it with family and friends, pop some of our own fireworks, and see a couple amazing firework shows! Saturday, Clint's parents came over. Clint smoked some ribs then we headed over to Jeffie's house for some dinner and dessert. Jeffie passed the CPA exam so Ma brought an ice cream sundae box. Mmmmm...I love ice cream Sundays! She also brought Gracyn some 4th of July balloons! After dinner, we popped some fireworks that Gracyn bought, then headed to the mall to see the Freedom Firework show.

Gracyn playing with her balloons!

Making funny faces with Ma!

Getting ready to see the firework show at the Mall!

The next day, we met everyone for breakfast at Susan's. Clint, Jeffie, and I had the Sweet Breakfast. It came with eggs, bacon, sausage, or ham, and a GIANT cinnamon roll. You can bet that we will be going back to Susan's for breakfast in the near future! Afterward, we were planning on going to Joplin to take my adoptive family the things we had bought them. Clint's parent's had planned on driving up and seeing the damage, then heading to Bristow from there. However, I had a sinus infection all week and had woke up that morning with the worst pain behind my left eye that I had ever had! So, we didn't make it to Joplin. I decided to go to a walk in clinic instead. I got a shot of sinus cocktail and a Z pack. I felt better very soon after! So, that evening we went to the Naturals game with Scott and Shannon. It was miserable hot for the first hour or so. Then it rained and cooled things down. After the game, we saw a spectacular fire work show!

Gracyn got a new bat and ball at the game. It's never too early to start softball practice!

Hanging out with Scott and Shannon!