Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stories Behind the Pictures!

Seeing as how I just now blogged about the last day on the beach, I am very behind. I decided to just do one post to catch me up. I'll post one picture and then tell the story behind it.

September 1st was the first football game of the 2012 season! Even though we had been through all the Petrino drama, we were predicted to have a pretty good season.  Some even had hoped for the National Championship! We won the game, but I wasn't that impressed. Still, it was the first game, a cupcake team. However, Gracyn looked very cute and was proud to be rocking her Hog tattoo!

The next weekend, Clint and Eric went to St. Louis with several other guys for Big Red 2012. They went to a couple of Cardinals game, one being an all inclusive box deal. Katie and Caroline came up Saturday and we did a little shopping. We stopped by Bliss cupcake for a treat! I had the Elvis cupcake which was banana nut cupcake filled with chocolate and topped with peanut butter icing. Pretty sure it was the most amazing cupcake ever! We then traveled all the way to Rogers for On the Border. Now, since the guys were in St. Louis and neither of us know how to install a car seat, we had to drive separate all day. That was a little bit of a downer, but we still had a blast! Once Gracyn and I got home we turned on the 2nd half of the hog game. I don't really want to elaborate on this game....I'm just going to say we lost to ULM. Again, we lost to ULM.

Same weekend...only Sunday. Gracyn and I did a lot of nothing. Then we get a phone call. Eric's truck was parked in Republic, Missouri and his keys were in St. Louis! Say What?! Eric, Clint, and three other guys rode with Eric to Republic, then they all got in another guy's vehicle and went to St. Louis from there. Katie called and said she was on her way up to take Eric his extra key. Eric then called me and said Katie was coming to my house and we were to wait for a text from him. This guy was going to bring all five guys to McDoodles and Katie and I were to pick them all up while Eric went back to get his truck. Katie loaded up two guys and took them back to Fort Smith and I got Clint and Kaylon and took him home to Springdale. Poor Eric....he didn't end up getting home till like 11:00 that night! Best part of all this.....we got to hang out with Katie and Caroline!!!

The next weekend, the Bunzels came up for the Arkansas vs. Alabama game. It was a rainy, dreary day. And we lost. 52-0. And that is all I'm going to say about that. After the game, we all headed back to the house for dinner. The girls had fun playing and entertaining us all!

The next day Clint and I took Gracyn to watch Finding Nemo 3D. Look at all that popcorn!

The next weekend, Heather and Bubba came up for the Rutgers game. That Friday night we all went to Catfish Hole. The next day, the Grise's came over and we all had a little tailgate at the house then headed over to the game. We lost. I'm disheartened at this point. The next morning we took Heather and Bubba to Briar Rose for brunch! I love that place!!!!

Beach Vacation....Ferris Wheel at the Wharf

I'm so beind on blogging!!! Ok, last day of vacation! We decided to spend the whole day at the beach! We got there and within 30 minutes a light storm moved in.  We decided to go ahead and have lunch at Bahama Bobs and wait for the storm to pass. I had the samething I had the first day we were there...a Bahama Bob Burger! Best burger ever!!!! After lunch, we headed back to the beach. Gracyn decided to take a little nap!
The storm clouds...so pretty!

Taking a little cat nap!

That evening we headed to the wharf in Orange Beach. We had promised the girls they would get to ride the ferris wheel and they had talked about it for days! Plus Katie and I wanted to swing into Bungalows to get the Pandora Ocean Breeze charm for our bracelets.  We also made a stop at the Tervis store so they could pick out a new cup! Gracyn found a Finding Nemo cup and was ecstatic! The girl LOVES Finding Nemo! Finally, it was time for the Ferris Wheel! I took about 20 pictures, but not a single one was a normal picture. Gracyn and Caroline were so thrilled to be on the Ferris Wheel that they made a funny face in every picture!
Big Girls at The Wharf!

I sure do love these silly girls!!!
We all had so much fun at the beach.  We had good days and bad days (Pirate Ship Cruise!) but I can't wait to go again. I think we all agreed that next time we go, there will be less excursions and more relaxing at the beach!

Friday, September 7, 2012


While at the beach, we came acorss a big a hole and a mountin of sand. I guess some kids had come and gone and left behind their sand project. So what did do? We put the dads in the hole and buried them!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Beach Vacation...Zoo and Shopping!

The zoo was our last planned outing for the week. We wanted to get there somewhat early so that it would be cool. That didn't work. I swear it was the hottest day! Luckily, the zoo had wagons so we were able to pull the girls in that. We got to buy food and feed a few of the animals. This was zoo was neat because it was small and personable. It was almost like the Gentry Drive Thru Safari, but no driving.
Wagon Ride!

Feeding a curly headed goat!

Snow Cone Break!
Thursday was a day reserved for shopping! Sarah picked up Katie and me and we headed to Foley to the outlet mall! We hit some good deals then headed to lunch. We had asked someone a J. Crew where a good local place was. He pointed us in the direction of Wolf Bay Lodge. We got there and realized we were the youngest people there...by about 40 years! It was straight up an old people hangout! We decided to try it anyway, and they ended up having great food! As we were leaving, a van from an assisted living place was dropping off the old folks. We just cracked up! Then we continued shopping!

After our day of shopping we headed to Calypso Joe's. Remember, this is the place we went Sunday night but were closed. They had an area the kids could play in while we waited to be seated. They had so much fun on the little carousels! Calypso Joe's turned out to be the best place we ate it. The guys buddied up with the manager at the bar and got us some free nachos and a discount!!!
Best Friends!

After dinner, we headed to Scoops for ice cream!