Sunday, February 26, 2012


It was way past due for a sleepover with Eric, Katie, and Caroline. I love our sleepeovers! It's so great to be able to just veg out at the house and just enjoy our time together. Katie and I usually make dinner while the girs play and the guys, well who knows what they do.
For this sleepover we decided to have Mexican night. We had burritos, tacos, and cheesedip! Then for dessert we had brownies and fruit pizza! We always make way too much food and get way too stuffed! The guys decided they wanted to have a beer tasting night so they went to the liquor store and bought several kinds of beer. I don't think they found one they liked. They bought Katie and I strawberry daquiri mix...they were delicious!

Sweet girls!

Since we were all together we decided to put together our place for our family trip tp Gulf Shores this summer. We found a house that sits 200 feet from the beach! One thing we had to have was a pool. We wanted a place for the girls to swim since we figured they wouldn't want to swim in the ocean due to the salt water. It's a perfect location!

A little dance show!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

God Created Little Girls...

So God created little girls,

with laughing eyes and

bouncing curls,

With joyful hearts and

infectious smiles,

enchanting ways and

feminine wiles,

And when He'd completed

the task he'd begun,

He was pleased and proud

of the job He'd done.

For the world, when seen

through little girl's eyes,

Greatly resembles paradise.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Queen of Hearts!

Clint has to work tonight so we decided to celebrate Valentine's Day this weekend. However, Gracyn and I decided we wanted to do something fun and special. I thought about ordering a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphey's then decided it would be more fun for Gracyn and me to make our own! I thought we would surprise Clint with a pizza and heart shaped brownies of his own! Gracyn was such a big help! She had so much fun putting sauce on the pizza, although her favorite part was adding the cheese! I caught her sneaking bites of cheese several times...she must take after her mother!

While the pizzas were cooking we decided to make heart shaped brownies. Gracyn iced them then added all kinds of Valentine sprinkles to them. I have to say....they were pretty tasty!!!!

Gracyn woke up got dressed then went in the living room to sit on her bean bag. She was very surprised to see a book, coloring books, and a toy sitting on the tv stand. She was shy at first when I told her to come see what she got. She walked straight up to her new Strawberry Shortcake Remote Control Car. She had a little bit to play with it before we had to go to school. She loved it and couldn't wait to get home this afternoon to play with it! When we got home we found Clint had left us a little surprise! I got some pink calla lillies and Gracyn got a big pink bottle of bubbles!!! Our little Valentine is the Queen of our Hearts!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's About Time

We bought Gracyn an Elmo potty chair several months ago. We figured we would put it in the bathroom and just get her used to seeing it and show her what it's for. She sits on it every night before bath time, but has yet to go in it. Clint took Gracyn to gymnastics the other day and realized she was the only one in a diaper. In her defense, she is the 2nd to the youngest kid there. Anyway, he decided on his days off work he would keep her in training panties and try to get her to go in the potty. So for four days she was in her training panties and peeing all over the place. She definately knew something was up and did not like it. After she would go she would tell us that she went then run to the bathroom. I'm hoping she will be a fast potty trainer now that we are actually working on it. Wish us luck!!!

Gracyn loves to give Elmo high fives! He talks to her when she does!

Got to love the thick cotton training panties!!!