Sunday, December 28, 2014

A White (late) Christmas!

Christmas time and Ma and Peepa's house turned out to be a white Christmas!!!

This picture was at Nonna's house, but I have to throw it in there! Best cousins enjoying Christmas together!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas at Home!

Christmas is always so much more fun when the kids are old enough to know what is going on. Cole is a little more at that point than he was last year. The kids always get to open two gifts on Christmas Eve...their Christmas pajamas and their ornament for that year. Is there anything cuter than kids in Christmas PJ's? I think not!

Cole got a Christmas book with his pj's!

Making cookies for Santa!

Gracyn insisted on giving the reindeer apples instead of carrots this year!

Santa came!!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

All Aboard the Polar Express!!!!

Clint's hometown, Bristow, OK, hosted the Polar Express this year. The entire ride is based on the children's book, The Polar Express. Gracyn and Cole were so excited to get to ride on a real train!!!!

As we were getting our picture made, the Hobo made his way around to shake hands with everyone! Once we boarded the train, the cooks handed out cookies and hot chocolate to everyone! We even got a keepsake mug to take home! I'm pretty sure that sugar cookie was the best cookie I've ever had!

As we were riding to the North Pole and eating our cookies and sipping our hot chocolate, the cooks and elves came down the aisles singing the songs that are also sung in the movie. We stopped at the North Pole where Santa got on board and handed silver bells to all the kids.

We had so much fun and hope the town of Bristow hosts again next year so we can ride again!

Of course Cat Cat had to come!

Kiddos in their Nutcracker pajamas!

Gracyn, Ma, and Cat Cat

You know how Hog fans call the hogs wherever they are? This is a prime example. WPS!

Getting her golden ticket punched!

The North Pole!!! (Minus the Snow!)
Santa handed out silver bells to all the kids!