Monday, October 22, 2012

Farmland Adventures!

This is the 2nd year we have taken Gracyn to Farmland Adventures in Springdale. The weather was perfect! It was a warm fall day. This year, Clint's parents were in town so they tagged along. The minute we got there Gracyn had to ride the ponies! She did such a great job. I don't even have to walk along with her anymore! After the pony ride we bought some animal feed so she could feed the goats. We also saw an Angus bull, a camel, and a Zonkey! Once she fed the animals, we decided to go on a wagon ride! They handed out large tortillas so we could feed the cows. Who would have thought that cows would like flour tortillas?!  Gracyn loved feeding the cows! She definitely wasn't afraid to let them get up in her face and grab a tortilla bite with their big tongues! Once we got back from the wagon ride we decided to do the corn maze. Peepaw even shucked an ear of corn for her! I now have corn kernels all in my car! After the corn maze, Gracyn picked out a pumpkin in the patch then headed over to play in the corn box. Of course, we had to finish the night off with another pony ride!!!

A Little Cowgirl!

Feeding the cows!

Throwing grass on the cow's head!

Cheesing it up on the jack-o-lantern!

Wow....look how much she has grown in a year!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Student of the Month!!!

Gracyn was September Student of the Month in her classroom!!! I'm so proud of her!!! Her teacher, Mrs. Joy, does the light program. Green light means they had a great day, yellow light means they had to be told no or to not to do something a couple of times, and red light means they just didn't mind at all. Gracyn had a green light every day for September! I really love it that Gracyn likes school so much. She can't wait to get to school to see her friends each morning. She loves to learn and her teacher said she is just the sweetest kid! The teacher in the baby room, Miss Charity, said they are all going to cry when Gracyn graduates. She has been with them since she was 7 weeks old. I know they aren't supposed to have favorites, but she said Gracyn is just special to all of them. This makes me happy...knowing she is with people who truly care for her when I'm not there.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Monster Dance to Hula Dance

Last week Gracyn and I went to the movies to see Hotel Transylvania. I was super excited to see this movie!!!! It was about Count Dracula and how he built a hotel so that all monsters could get together and be in fear of humans. Mainly, he wanted to protect his daughter from human danger. Some of the monster that made an appearance were Frankenstein, a Mummy, the Invisible Man, and a werewolf. A human shows up at the hotel and Dracula tries to convince all the other monsters that the human is a monster. SUPER CUTE MOVIE!!! After the movie, Gracyn "monster danced" her way to the car. We stopped by Starbucks and got a treat then headed over to Jeffie's house. She had just gotten back from Hawaii and had some gifts for us!
Monster Moves!

Yummy cake pop from Starbucks!

Fresh Hawaiian Pineapple!

Hula Dancing!