Sunday, March 27, 2011

Welcome Home!

Saturday, we welcomed home Coach Mike Anderson! He used to be an assistant coach under Nolan Richardson for seventeen years at the U of A. In 2002, Richardson was fired so Coach Anderson went to coach at UAB. He then moved onto coach at Mizzou. The U of A recently let go Coach Phelphry. I was really hoping we would get Mike Anderson and am so happy we did! We went to the press conference, along with about 5,000 other Razorback fans. It feels so good to have some hope for Razorback Basketball again.

Cheering on Coach Mike Anderson!

Such a happy fan!

Such a big girl!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Family Sleepover!

Caroline and Gracyn had another sleepover! This time it was a family sleepover! Eric invited Clint over to watch an MMA fight so, of course, Gracyn and I had to come too! We're starting to see a little attitude from the girls when one has something the other wants. I'm sure it will get worse before it gets better but it's all part of growing up!

Gracyn and her monkey waiting to go see Caroline and her cats!

Watching Wonder Pets!

One thing they like to share is food! Caroline decided Gracyn needed a little bedtime snack!

Relaxing, watching cartoons. I love this!

Just a Day at the Park!

Gracyn and Caroline spent last Sunday together at the park. It's the first time they have really gotten outside and played together. They had so much fun!

Scrambeling to get to the slide!

Here she comes!

Caroline comes down!

Gracyn decides she was going to go up!

Nevermind, she decided it's more fun to go down!

This baby was exhausted when we got home!

Don't Feed the Animals!

Last weekend, Kaeleigh came to stay with us. It was such a nice day so we decided we would go to Gentry to the Wildlife Safari. We had taken Kaeleigh when she was five and loved it. She was so glad to be going back! Gracyn enjoyed it as well. We started off doing the drive through part. We had fun seeing the buffalo, camels, zebras, tigers and more.

I don't think the guys building the fence down the hill realized this camel was in their truck!

Hello there Buffalo!

After the drive thru, we parked the car and walked thru the petting zoo. The last time we were there they had baby goats. This time they had baby monkeys and baby lamas. I'm still waiting to go when they have tiger and bear cubs!

Gracyn was so excited!

Gracyn loved feeding and petting the goats!

Gracyn tried to eat the bread instead of feeding it to the goats!

The baby lamas were so soft!

Gracyn's first pony ride!

Rewind 4 Years

Little Kaeleigh petting a kangaroo!

Holding a baby goat!

She is all grown up now! This little monkey crawled into her lap!

Kaeleigh is such a great, little aunt!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sleepy Baby

This is what goes on at home while I'm at work. Clint said Gracyn wanted to stay in her high chair after snack time. He said within a few minutes he caught her doing this. Poor Baby!