Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer Fun!

Today is "catch up the blog" day. Life has been so busy with two kids and work....I have NO time to blog! So days like this I play catch up. This summer has been an exciting summer! Here is just a glimpse of some things we have done so far.

Gentry Drive Thru Safari - We have gone here every summer with Gracyn so figured it was time we took Cole. We started off by doing the drive thru and seeing all the big animals. We then had a picnic lunch then walked around the petting zoo. They have really changed it up in the last few years giving you less access to the animals. However, Gracyn was able to hold this little white ferret, which was the highlight of her day!

Clint's parents came to town one weekend and we all went to Crystal Bridges. Gracyn was able to pick a piece of art from one gallery and draw it. She choose the one that had the brightest colors. I think she did a wonderful job! I think our favorite part of the museum was the kids area. Clint, Jeffie, and myself had a blast there! Not sure about Gracyn and Cole....I was too busy playing!
After we walked thru the art galleries we decided to head out to the trails. They were setting up for a wedding and as we walked thru the lobby to the elevator we saw Chelsea Clinton getting off. We all thought that was pretty neat. You can actually see the wedding guest in the background...they were enjoying cocktail hour. We were enjoying this precious little girl that we LOVE so much!
Hawaiian Fun Meet - Gracyn doing what she does best!!!

It's a BUG Party!

Cole had a blast at his Bug Party!!! It was a perfect June day spent with our closest friends and family. Clint grilled out burgers and we also had some yummy, buggy food including Grubs -n- cheese, Bug Kabobs, Ladybug dip, and Snail Shells! The girls had a blast with the bug dig and playing at the park.  Cole LOVED smashing into his cake, opening presents, and spending time with Brooks! Cole is one lucky little boy to be loved so much! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET BOY!!!