Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013....Cole's First Christmas!

I am so far behind in the blogging world. I just can't find the time! So this will be another short and to the point.

Christmas with my family! Gracyn and Myla loved playing with each other!
Christmas Eve...Gracyn was just trying to love on Cole. He as not thrilled with that. They both got to open two present...their Christmas PJ's and their ornament for that year.

Santa brought Gracyn a big girl bike!!!! She was thrilled!

Santa brought Cole a basketball goal!
Christmas at Ma and Pepaw's was a success!

The next weekend we spent with the Bunzels. Cole looks like such a big boy here!

Pretty soon, the boys will be bigger than the girls!

Pretty Girls!

Best Buddies!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Cole is 6 Months Old!

Cole is already half a year old!!!! Where has the time gone?!!! His birthday is going to be here before we know it! Cole weighs 16 lbs and 15 ounces. Cole has been sitting up for several weeks now. He LOVES to sit in his bug mat and play with all his toys. A lot of times at night, I will just feed him his cereal while he is sitting in the floor in his mat. Otherwise, if he is sitting on the table in the bumbo he tries to lean out and grab anything he can. The other day, he leaned over and grabbed a handful of Gracyn's spaghetti!!! I think he is trying to tell me that he is ready to eat big people food! I bought some peas yesterday and will be attempting making my own baby food! I know he will enjoy....I can't really mess up steamed and purees peas, right?! Well, we made 6 months exclusively breastfeeding! I am so proud of both of us!!!! Now, to make it 6 more months! Although, I think I'm going to have to start supplementing 1 bottle a day with formula. I just can't keep up with this growing boy! I have a little anxiety towards it, but I'm sure once he gets that first formula bottle then I will be ok. I can't wait to see all of Cole's upcoming milestone's in the next 6 months. Next up...crawling!!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thanksgiving and the Water Park

This post is going to be short, but picture heavy. This was Cole's 1st Thanksgiving! We went to Bristow to visit Clint's parent's on Wednesday. We had a delicious Thanksgiving lunch then headed home Friday.

My little turkey!

Making some yummy dressing!
Gracyn had been going on and on the past few weeks about going to the water park. Clint actually drove her out to the water park in Prairie Grove to prove to her that it was closed. We decided we would make a trip to Branson to take her to the indoor water park there....after some shopping, of course! We left early Saturday morning and met Heather and Bubba for lunch at Fudruckers. After lunch, we headed to Tanger for some great sales! We bought lots of clothes for the kiddos for Christmas. Halfway through my shopping spree, Clint and the kids went to the car for a nap! They just couldn't hang! Later that afternoon we finally headed to the indoor water park! We didn't tell Gracyn what we were doing. I secretly packed her and our bathing suits. She was so excited when we walked in! She couldn't believe it! She loved the lazy river and the hot tub the most. Cole even got to swim! I had some Lil'Swimmers saved from when Gracyn was little. He hung out in a baby swing for a little bit then decided he would rather eat and snuggle! After swimming, we headed to Springfield to eat dinner at Lamberts! I love Lamberts!!! Gracyn was super excited about her daddy catching her rolls for her! Overall, we had a great weekend. I think I would like to make the trip to Branson again next year after Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time!

Gracyn had to ride every ride we passed by at the mall.

Little Fish!

Swimming is exhausting!

Gracyn was so proud to be doing it by herself!

Having a blast!

She was upset that she didn't get to take her mug with her.