Saturday, July 24, 2010

Any Day Now...

Gracyn is so close to crawling! She can get up on all fours and rock back and forth. She will lunge forward, fall, then army crawl. It's just a matter of time!

Gracyn has also spoken her first word...Dada! Lately we hear a lot of Dadadada Dadadada. I think this must be her favorite word!


Our good friend, Megan, made her move to the UK this past Monday. Last Friday, we all got together for some BBQ at her parent's house. Saturday, we all went out to Eureka Springs to the Kings River and went floating. Gracyn got to spend the whole day with Ma. Clint and I had a lot of fun, but was ready to get back to Baby G. That was the longest and farthest I had been away from her. I don't think she was phased at all though.

And....this is Megan!


Last night, we went down to Fort Smith to have dinner with Katie, Eric, and Caroline. We went to Bravo, a nice, quiet Italian restaurant. Wonderful Food!

Today, Katie and Caroline came up to Fayetteville for a fun-filled day of shopping! The girls played while we got stuff loaded up. It's insane how much stuff you have to take just for a day of shopping!

It really comes in handy to have the same car seat base. We just put both of mine in my car and loaded the girls up.

And we're off!

Shopping has exhausted this little girl!

Modeling her new she eats her bug!

New Shoes!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Dang Gina!

I've discovered a new blog! Dang Gina Give-Aways. Her blog is all about promoting business's so she is constantly doing reviews of some great shops and having giveaways. I just entered a give away from Avery Marie and Me Creations. The prize....a big letter G!

I have been on the hunt for a HUGE letter G to go above Gracyn's dresser. The biggest I have found is 20". AM&M has 24" letters!!! I'm really hoping I win! Baby girl needs some art on her walls!

I have Dang Gina's button on my blog so check it out!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Independance Day!

Our holiday weekend started off with a trip to the doctor. Gracyn woke up about 6 that morning with a fever. I had to go into work for a couple hours so Clint took her to the walk in clinic. They said she had an ear infection in both ears. The doctor and nurses were surprised how happy she seemed to be even though she was sick. We had made plans to go swimming that day but canceled. Jeffie came over that afternoon and we just hung out at the house and made some tacos!

That evening we went down to Van Buren to see Katie, Eric, and Caroline. Clint had smoked some ribs and Eric had grilled some hot dogs. We all ate dinner then went outside to shoot off some fountains and let the girls do some sparklers. We had a perfect view of the fireworks down at The Field of Dreams so we got to see a great show!

Gracyn and Caroline were more impressed with this amazing shoe than they were the fireworks!

Cute Family!

Gracyn doing her SPARKLER! She kept trying to reach for it.

We have a very busy July so should have lots of posts this month! This coming weekend we are going to Tulsa to celebrate my mom's 50th birthday! Graycn will get to see her Great Great Aunt Bert and finally get to meet her Great Aunt Karen!