Monday, October 31, 2011

The Big 10!!!

Saturday was Kaeleigh's birthday...she turned 10 years old!!! I can't beleive how big she is getting! We had a little family party for her here at our house. The theme was Glitzy Glam, which totally fits her. After the party, we walked to the park. Now that Myla is getting older, her and Gracyn are really able to play with each other. It's so much fun watching them laugh and play!

Birthday Girl!!!

Myla is helping Aunt KK open her presents!

Too cool for words!


Best Cousins!

Something sure was funny!

I love this birthday girl!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Farmand Adventures!

We took Gracyn to Farmland Adventures in Springdale tonight. We got to enjoy pony rides, a petting zoo, a pumpkin patch, and a corn maze!

When we first got there Gracyn made a bee line straight for the ponies! She was a scared to actually ride the pony at first, even though she has ridden them several times before. She warmed up to them after a few times around. We then headed over to pet some other ponies, donkeys, goats, and pigs. Once we were done at the petting zoo we were going to head to the pumpkin patch, but first we had to ride the ponies again!

After petting the animals we walked to the pumpkin patch. The majority of the pumpkins had already been picked but we were able to find a couple of little Gracyn size pumpkins. The first time she picked up a pumpkin she said, "It's stuck!" She couldn't figure out why it was hooked to a vine!

Next, we headed to the corn maze. We choose to do the small one. The big one would have been an hour and a half walk thru. We decided that would have been way too long for a baby girl! They had five stations set up. Each station had a different color of chalk and you would color one finger. At the end of the maze you compare your chalk fingers to a chart that had different combinations of finger colors. You find your combination and get the number on it. Then you look at another board and whatever your number was you do the things listed. Keep in mind...this is for little kids.

After comparing our finger colors with the colors on the chart we found out we were a number 3. Gracyn's trick was to....

Meow like a cat!!!

Once we got out of the corn maze we headed back up to the front of the farm. Gracyn got to play in a hay maze and a corn box! She loved the corn box! As we were leaving, she took off running to the ponies so we let her do one more pony ride!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Apalir = Caterpillar

Gracyn loves going to the park in our neighborhood. We walked to it the other day hoping to get some pictures that we could use for her 2nd birthday party invitation. Well, we didn't get any invitation worth pictures, but we did have a good time!

Gracn does what she does best at the park....slides. One way to get up the slide is to go up the stairs. Another way is a curved ladder like thing. It scares me, but Gracyn insists on going up it. I'm thinking gymnastics has taught her to be a little fearless.

On our way back home we found a caterpillar! Gracyn calls it an apalir. We sat on the ground a watched it crawl for awhile. Gracyn found a leaf and a dandalion and gave it to the caterpillar.

She found him!

Talking to the caterpillar. She looks so concerned!

I love this pretty little girl!

Monday, October 10, 2011


Last weekend we had gone down to Van Buren to have Gracyn and Caroline's pictures done. We met my mom and Kaeleigh for lunch before heading back up the hill. We decided to try to catch a little of the air show. Gracyn loves looking up in the sky and seeing airplanes, the moon, and stars. I knew she would enjoy this. However, we must have caught them on their break. We heard them flying over the building as we were shopping but when we finally got outside we only saw one. Gracyn still enjoyed it!

Excited to see the airplanes!


Gracyn has a chicken on her head!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sneak Peak!

Katie and I love to do fun things with out sweet little girls! One thing we like to do is have little photo shoots of them together. We did when they were a lot younger and decided we needed to do another. We met up with Wendy White for the most amazing photo session! We won't see all the pictures for a couple of weeks, but based on the sneak peak I'm thinking they will be great!!!

Now....tell me we don't have the most precious girls ever!!!!