Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Quick Review of 2011

Posing in our winter hats!


Petting a llama at the Gentry Drive-thru Safari!

Found a love for Easter Eggs!

Kansas City Vacation with Caroline!

Started gymnastics!

Celebrated Independance day with several firework shows!

We must have had a very boring August because this is about the only picture I have!


Cutest Hog call in the stadium!

My little trick or treater!!!

Turning 2!!!

Enjoyed checking out the lights on the square!

A Perfect New Year's Eve!

This past week has been so nice! Temps have been in the high 50's low 60's all week! You couldn't ask for better weather in December! Today, we went out for lunch then headed to the grocery store. We had to get things for our New Years lunch tomorrow! Gracyn even got a new Seasame Street Video! Once we got back from the grocery store, we decided to take our sweet girls to the park! I got Gracyn and her bike outside, while Clint harnessed up Maggie. Gracyn still hasn't got the hang of pedaling. She likes to "walk" her bike by pushing herself along with her feet. Once we got the park Clint ran around the track with Maggie while Gracyn and I slid. There is a house that the back of faces the park. There is a very annoying little boy that lives there. Of course, once he sees us out there he has to come out too. I know it's mean to say he is annoying, but he really is! Gracyn and him ran around and played so I was glad she had fun with him.

The rest of our New Year's Eve will consist of Clint watching football, me finally catching up on putting pictures up on FB and blogging, and Gracyn coloring and reading books. It cracks me up how she colors specific things in her coloring books. She has a Strawberry Shortcake coloing book and she has gone thru and just colored the sweet things, like the ice cream cones and strawberries. She has another coloring book where I noticed on a couple of pages she has just colored the bubbles. She also likes to get the computer paper and color it. She will make long lines down the paper and call them snakes. She also made little orange lines and calls them carrots! Speaking of carrots, Gracyn threw herself in the floor today crying because I wouldn't give her a carrot. So what did I do? I gave the girl a carrot!!!

Headed to the neighborhood park!

A little hesitant to pet Maggie, but we eventually got her to pet her.

Practicing her gymnastic moves!

Hanging upside down!

Doing what she does best!

I know to most this will seem like a boring way to spend New Year's Eve,  but to us this is the most perfect way to ring in the New Year! We have been blessed to see our sweet girl grow another year! We looked forward to seeing what 2012 brings us! 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Gracyn is all set to be the next Racheal Ray! She got a beautiful new kitchen from Santa! She also got pots and pans and an apron from us! She got a couple of outfits and a couple of pairs of Toms. She LOVES her pink sparkley pair! Clint got a Razorback Jersey with his last name and his old football number, along with a running jacket and a pull up bar. Gracyn got me the snowflake Pandora charm and Clint got me an electric skillet and the Coach Poppy perfume I've been wanting! We had a great Christmas and feel so blessed to have such a sweet girl! We are celebrating Christmas with my family next weekend, then our annual, late White Elephant Christmas with our friends the next weekend. Then the next weekend we will be celebrating my birthday....the big 30! EEK!!!!

She told me it was broken when she tried to turn the water on. haha!

More Penguins!!!

Looks like she has some dishes to do!

Christmas Eve at Grandpa and Ma's!

This year we went to Clint's parent's house Friday night so that we could do our Christmas dinner and open gifts on Christmas Eve. We got up Christmas Eve morning and were all ready to open gifts!

Aunt Jeffie made Clint and Gracyn matching Hog hats! I got a matching scarf!

Gracyn is cleaning the ornamanents!

We got home pretty late Christmas Eve. Gracyn opened her ornament and Christmas pajamas. She was so ready for bed. She couldn't wait for Santa to come!!!

A penguin ornament!

Hanging her new ornament on the tree!

Penguin Christmas PJ's! She is really into penquins right now!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa Time!

Gracyn is starting to get a better idea of who Santa Clause is now that she is getting older. However, I was still a little nervous that she would be scared to sit on his lap. We really talked him up while we were in line. When it was her turn to sit on his lap, she ran up to him with her arms stretched out.  What a big girl!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cowgirl Christmas!

We took Gracyn to Myra again for her Christmas pictures. She did great for about the first 15 minutes til she realized Myra had a horse saddle in her studio. All she wanted to do was sit on the saddle. Myra had the idea to Christmastize the area that had the saddle. Gracyn was on cloud 9!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Perfect Ten!!!

Gracyn has been going to gymnastics at Hope and Dreams for about six months now. I can't even begin to tell you how much she has improved! Our first day was terrible! She only wanted to play on the slide and would kick and scream when I tried to take her away from it. Now, she stands in line, listens to the teacher, and always does exactly as she is asked. She can go up and down the balance beams all by herself, flip under and over the bars, and do a front roll all by herself! She has even started jumping off the spring board into the big blocks! I can't wait to see how much she improves the next six months!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Turkey Day!

This year we spent Thanksgiving day in Bristow at Clint's parent's house. We enjoyed a delicious turkey dinner then headed to the city park.

Ready for some turkey!

                                            A little pony ride!

             Tetter tottering with Ma!

I had to work that Friday but was able to get off in time to get home and watch the big game! #1 LSU vs #3 Arkansas!!! I thought we would have a really good chance at winning this game. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but I had faith in my beloved Hogs! However, LSU's defence dominated and they came away with the win.

The next day my mom and sister came up. We were going to have a little Thanksgiving dinner at my house that evening, but first we were going to look at wedding dresses! I had an appt on Sunday at David's Bridal but just wasn't looking forward to it. I'd heard several bad experiance stories from there so was really hoping I would find one Saturday. I did! It's a Maggie Sorrtero gown and pretty much everything I thought I didn't want! Haha! However, I put it on and knew it was my dress! I'm so glad I have that marked off my to do list!


At the beginning of the year, Clint decided he was going to run the White Water Marathom for Kenya. This marathon takes place in the town his father grew up in and where his extended family still lives. We rented a little place on the White River, like literally a couple hundred of feet from the river bank! It was the cutest place ever! We're all hoping to take another vacation there during a future summer so we can do some fishing and swimming!

We got up early Saturday morning and got ready to head down to where the marathon was taking place. Clint, Jake, and Tamara were already there and running. Gracyn wanted to head down and look at the river before we left.

                    A picture before they head out to the run!

                     Checking out the view!
                            Loving the river!
                             Making footprints!

We all cheered them on as they came thru the mid-way point. Gracyn had her pom poms and sign ready to go. We kept telling her to look for Daddy and that he was on his way. She was super excited til he passed her. She couldn't understand why he would just run past her. She cried so hard. It was so sad.

We went back to the cabin and Gracyn took a nap while the rest of ate some lunch. Clint's Aunt Cathy, Uncle Dale, and Grandma were all there to see him. A few hours later we got our jackets back on and headed back down to see Clint and Jake finish.

                             Helping Lala to the car. What a sweet girl!
                                 Here they come!
                                  The Marathoners!

Once we got back to the cabin it was gametime! The Hogs were playing Mississippi State. We cheered on the Hogs while Clint slept during the first half. That evening, Clint's mom made dinner for all the Thomas family. Clint's uncles and aunts came over and we just enjoyed time with family. We all stayed up late watching football. The #2, #4, #5 time all lost that night which moved the Hogs to #3 in the BCS poll! Woo Pig!!!