Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cole is 8 Months Old!

 It's another "I can't believe Cole is this old" post...but it's true! Time is going by way too fast! I've been terrible at posting updates. I'm several weeks behind on this one...he will be 9 months old this weekend! OOPS! Life is definitely a lot busier with two kids than just one! So we'll pretend this update is from February 22. Cole weighs 19.2 pounds! He still isn't crawling, but he is close! He is now eating crackers and puffs! He loves to grab fistfuls of puffs and try to shove them all in his mouth at once. We have discovered something he doesn't like...avocados! I do know one thing....these monthly pictures are getting harder and harder to take! Stay tuned to his 9 month update, which I'll hopefully get around to doing next week!