Monday, November 12, 2012

Nature Scavenger Hunt

I am not a fan of this time change. By the time Gracyn and I get home it's dark. I don't get to do much with her. Clint takes Gracyn to the park a lot on his days off and they always have so much fun.  I got off at 4:00 on Friday so decided to have Clint and Gracyn meet me at Lake Fayetteville so we could do a nature scavenger hunt. I found a guide online and printed it off. Clint brought a gallon bag to put the things we found inside.

Here is a list of some items Gracyn found or saw:
Hole in a tree
Spider Web
Pine cone
Leaf with holes from a bug eating it
Pine needles
Unusual shaped leaf
Birds Nest
Blade of Grass
Y shaped twig
Here she is with a few of the items she found!

She couldn't wait to throw rocks (and leafs) in the lake!

Friday, November 2, 2012

I am a Robot...I want Candy! (robot voice)

Gracyn was a ballerina robot for Halloween. We taught her how to talk in a robot voice so she would say, " I am a robot...I want candy." It was too cute!

Tuesday she had dance class and was allowed to wear her costume. Of course, she couldn't quiet move well in her robot costume so she just wore it in then took it off once dance class started.

On Halloween morning, Gracyn woke up to find a new book and a new stuffed bat! His original name was Swoops, but she decided to name it Rosie.
She loves Rosie!

Later that afternoon, Clint brought Gracyn up to JB Hunt. There were a lot of kids in costume so she was super excited to see everyone dressed up. We took her around the 3rd and 4th floor and she got tons of candy! After work, I met Clint and Gracyn at G-rise and Shannon's house. We visited with them a bit then went to Jeffie's house. We trick or treated around her block, but there was only about 5 houses handing out candy. Clint went to get us dinner and Gracyn and I headed home. As we pulled onto the street Gracyn said, "What is going on?!" There were tons of kids trick or treating! So we put her costume back on and went to a couple of houses on our street. She really had a lot of fun! Now...what to do with all this candy?!
Getting ready to trick or treat!!!

Cutest little ballerina robot I've ever seen!!!