Sunday, February 27, 2011

What a Great Helper!

We got up this morning around 9am. Yes, that's right. 9am!!! It was so great to sleep in! After breakfast, I decided I wanted to rearrange the living room. This turned into moving everything completely out of the living room and really cleaning the hardwood floor. Gracyn loved the echo in the living room, but wasn't sure why all the furniture was in the kitchen. Gracyn decided she wanted to help sweep the floors!

So this month has been pretty low key. Valentine's day weekend Clint went out of town with some of his friends, so Gracyn and I went to Van Buren for a girl's weekend. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. Gracyn's daycare usually has their holiday parties on Fridays, but since the they were closed due to snow it was on Monday, actual Valentine's Day. This meant she got to go! She doesn't go to daycare on Friday's so she usually misses out on the parties. Poor Kid.

She was a little weary of her gift. Ma Thomas had gotten her a really cute singing and dancing giraffe, but Gracyn was terrified of it. She really didn't want to open what we got her either.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Happy!

WOW! I can't believe we have this much snow! I woke up this morning and looked out the window and didn't think it did that much. Then I actually opened the front door and was amazed! Clint called me from work and told he didn't think I should go in today. I told that I had to go in and for him to just come home and we'll see how the roads were. It's been almost 12 hours and he still hasn't made it home! He was going to stop by Jeffie's house and pick her up so she could watch Gracyn while he slept and while I was at work. His car wouldn't make it all the way, the snow was too deep! So, he walked to her house and decided to stay put. I got to work from home.

To most people, working from home would be great. I, however, do not enjoy it. I'm too distracted by other things (Gracyn, snow, cookies!) At one point, I decided to go out to back yard and measure the snow. Bad idea. The snow was all the way up the window on the back door so when I opened it I had to be really careful not to knock it into the house. While I was out there, Gracyn was standing at the back door on the inside, while Maggie was standing at the door on the outside. Let's just say it was very difficult to get back in the house, and I had a huge snow mess to clean up.

About 20 inches!

Gracyn "thought" she wanted out.

I finally couldn't stand it anymore...I had to put Gracyn in the snow! So, I bundled her up and we went outside. She did not enjoy it. We were out there long enough to take a picture then went right back in.

Gracyn is standing in it here. I tried to sit her in it but she wasn't having any of that!

I just talked to Clint and he isn't going into work tonight. He really can't, his car is still stuck! So who knows what I am going to do for work tomorrow! Looks like it may be another day from home. I must hide those cookies!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Feed Me!

Gracyn knows exactly how to tell me when she is hungry. She will go to her highcahir and start pushing it around. This time, she decided to crawl into it and got stuck!

This has been such an uneventful past few weeks. Poor Gracyn has been cooped up in the house all week because of the snow. We finally got out Saturday afternoon and went shopping for groceries. We went to Sam's and she decided she wanted out of the basket. Clint got her out and let her walk. BAD, BAD, BAD. I have a feeling she is going to expect to get to do this all the time now.

I'm hoping Spring Time will bring a little more excitement to the blog!