Saturday, June 30, 2012

Caroline's Kitchen!

Last Saturday was Miss Caroline's third birthday! Not sure how she is already three years old! Katie did another fabulous job on her birthday party. The theme was Caroline's Kitchen! Katie had two of the cutest aprons made for the girls. She also had two small cakes made for the girls to decorate! I don't think they will be winning Food Network Challenge anytime soon, but everyone had fun watching them decorate their cakes. Leave it to my child to take a bite out of the wax number 2!

When we first arrived Gracyn had to give her bestie a great big birthday hug!!!

Eating a little dinner before the FUN begins!
Caroline's masterpiece!

Gracyn working hard at smoothing those sides!

After the cake decorating we all sang Happy Birthday to Carolione (twice) then she opened presents. Gracyn got her a charm bracelet and a Friends charm. Katie and I are already thinking of which charm we can get them when we go to the beach. Of course, we will have to get ourselves a Pandora charm when we go as well! Caroline's big present from Katie and Eric was a kitchen set! It's super cute and the girls loved playing with it!

The girls played so hard that evening. We put their pj's on, which just so happened they had a matching pair, then set them on the couch to watch a little TV and relax. Caroline crashed on the couch and Gracyn decided to go to the play room and do a little reading. After I put her to bed, us grown ups just enjoyed sitting around the kitchen table and telling funny stories.
The next morning the girls up bright and early. They played with ballons and then decided they wanted to go outside and blow bubbles. There seemed to be less blowing and more stepping in them. So we took them in to wash their feet, then they decided they would just rather have a bath.

Playing with Caroline's musical card!

Time to wash our feet!

Friday, June 29, 2012

We've Come a Long Way!

It has been one year since Gracyn started gymnastics! Her first day was terrible to say the least!!! She didn't understand she needed to stand in line and do whatever the rotation was. All she wanted to do is play on the slide! I'd set her down and she'd run to the slide. I'd grab and take her back in line and she would just fight and struggle. It was miserable. I just remember one of the moms telling me that it would get better in about 4-6 weeks. I jut remember thinking I wasn't going to make it that long! On the 4th week, it was like something in her clicked and she knew exactly what to do! Sure, she still has her moments when she might throw a fit, especially if she isn't first in line or if another kid takes her turn. I simply take her out of the room and calm her down. Overall, she is a shining star in gymnastics! She absolutely loves it! She is always wanting to practice at home. I picked her up from daycare one day while they were on the playground. I went out to see her walking on a railroad tie with her arms out as if she was practicing her balance beam routine! HAHA! I love it! She has come so far in a years time. I can't wait to see where she is at come this time next year!

Modeling her very first leotard before he first gymastics class!

1st Class - The Infamous Slide!

Look at her working that bridge!

Crab Crawl on the beams. Miss Nicole was very impressed!

The bars are her favorite!!!

My Little Twinkle Tot!!!

Gracyn started dance class on June 5! It's just a summer class that last 5 weeks. I thought we would give it a try and see if it was something we wanted to do long term. I have to say...Gracyn loves it! I think she loves that fact that she is a ballerina like Aunt KK more than anything. She is the youngest in her class, but one of the most well behaved. I chalk this up to her already being use to these types of activities due to gymnastics. She comes in and stands on her green dot waiting for class to start. I have to go in the other room and watch her thru the glass. I don't like not being able to be in there, but I better get used to it. Once Gracyn moves up to the three year old class in gymnastics, I will have to watch from upstairs. Anyway, she stands on her dot while some of the other girls run  squirm around. Then class starts and they do their little dances! I was little upset after the first week that they didn't work on technique. Then I had to tell myself that it was a class of 2 and 3 year olds! I can't expect too much! Tomorrow is the day we can sign up for the fall classes. I have to say, I don't enjoy dance as much as gymnastics but she LOVES it so she will be an official Twinkle Tot in the fall!!! ** sorry got the quality of the pictures. I had to take them thru the glass in the other room!

Look at the tondu! If you notice, she is a lille behind since the teachers are already on to the plie! But at least it's a good tondu!!!

What a teacher's pet! She made sure she was the first over to sit by Miss Miranda! Isn't she the cutest little dancer?!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cousin Myla's 2nd Birthday!

So I'm almost a month behind on blogging. I figured I better get some of June's activities in before the month was over! June 3 was Myla's 2nd birthday! We headed down to Fort Smith for cake and ice cream! Gracyn insisted on getting Myla a yello duck, so she got her a princess rubber ducky and some bubbles. Clint and I got her a broom set. I know how much Gracyn loves sweeping when I am so I figured it would be a good gift! The girls had a lot of fun playing. They don't get to see each other as often as we would like!

Myla opening gifts with help from Aunt KK!
Silly girls!!!

Birthday Girl! Hard to believe she was less than 2 lbs when she was born!

Grandpa Peevy and his little princesses!!!