Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hog Wild!

Yesterday was Fan Appreciation Day 2010 at The Gardens on campus. I insisted that we be there right when it started, which was noon. We ended up not getting there til 1:00 and I was so glad. The team wasn't scheduled to show up til 2:00! When we walked in there was HUGE line to the right which lead to the pavilion where Ryan Mallett was going to be signing autographs. We walked around a little and decided we needed to break up. I stood in line for Coach Petrino's tent and Clint went to Mallett's line. Jeffie took Gracyn and went to sit in the shade. It was so hot out and I was scared she was going to get a sunburn, even though I lathered her in sunscreen.

While I was patiently waiting in line, Jeffie came over and told me Frank Broyles was over by the tree signing autographs. So, she saved my spot while Gracyn and I went over to get his autograph.

2:00 finally came and Coach Petrino arrived. We got several great shots of him and Gracyn. She felt like a star! While she was on the table, someone made the comment about Petrino kissing babies like a politician. All of a sudden cameras started clicking. I looked behind me and there was an SEC Media photographer and some other camera guy taking tons of pictures. She felt like a little starlette!

After meeting Petrino, we went to find Clint in Mallett's line. This line was about twice as long as a line waiting to get on a roller coaster! It was insane! We saw our friends, Michael and Lyndsey, in line. They have a little boy, Trey, who is just 6 weeks younger than Gracyn, so we decided we needed to get some pictures of the two together.

We finally made it to Ryan Mallett!

We got more autographs from the other quarterbacks, wide receivers, tight ends, linebackers, and secondary.

Modeling her autographed Razorback onesie!

At the end of the day, Clint and I were sunburned and exhausted but it was worth it! Gracyn had tons of fun and she cannot wait til the first game! We have been working on the Hog Call with her. It's just a matter of time before she knows the fight song! Go Hogs!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Family Weekend

This past weekend was the Branson family reunion in Salem, AR. We left early Saturday morning and arrived about 11:30...after having to stop in a church parking lot to change one stinky diaper. Gracyn got to see her Lala(her Great Grandma Blair) along with many other great aunts, uncles, and cousins.

We were starving when we got there! Gracyn had some yummy pears and squash!

Each year they do a drawing for one of Lala's quilts. The quilt is made up of blocks that people made the year before. I meant to get a picture of the one we did last year but forgot. We had just found out we were having a girl so Clint had drawn a stork carrying a pink bag. I was really hoping we would win it, but no luck. This year we just did our names and drew colorful designs on the block. Maybe we will win it next year!

Gracyn with her Lala, Ma, and Aunt Jeffie. I think Gracyn is more interested in her pink pony than having her picture made.

Gracyn and her Great Uncle Dale!

Last year at the reunion we had a Grandma's shower. Clint's mom and two sisters were all going to be grandma's in the same year so they through Christina, Natalie, and me a baby shower. A couple days later, Jaycob arrived! This year, we celebrated his first birthday! While we were waiting to go to the birthday party, Gracyn showed us all how good she is beginning to crawl.

Ok, so she army crawls, but at least its a start! Here she is trying to get to Alvin. Alvin is her most beloved toy! Kaeleigh got it in one of her happy meals and gave it to Gracyn. In fact, she has two of them. When you push the top of his head he says, "Helllooo Gorgeous." I guess that is why she loves him so much...he feeds her ego!

Anyway, back to the party. Jaycob's party was at the park. They grilled out burgers and hot dogs, opened presents, and had cake! There was even an alligator there! That's right, a live alligator! There was a friend of Christina's husband who had a four year old alligator. He was a lot smaller than what I would expect a four year old gator to look like. I had to get Gracyn's picture made with him! No, I did not put my child in harm's way. The gator's snout was taped shut and he was on some kind of leash.

She actually tried to grab at it like she does a puppy!

Gracyn slept through the first half of the party!

Cousin Jaykob eating his cake!

In the bubble!


Cousins Nathan and Jaden

After the party we went back to Lala's house. We stopped by the hotel first to give Gracyn at bath and put her jammies on.

Lala and Gracyn playing pattie cake.

The next day we went to Gassville so see Clint's dad's side of the family. His aunt took us to the cemetary to show us where his grandparent's and great grandparent's were buried. We even go to see his great, great Grandpa Hayes's headstone. It was all actually really neat. It makes me want to research my family history.

G with Great Uncle Bud!

With Great Uncle Ronnie!

With Great Aunt Ann!

Now...if we could only get my side of the family together!