Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter! Minus all the rain. We had planned on going to an Easter Egg Helicopter Drop but it was rained out. It has rained here, non-stop, for several days. Nonna and Kaeleigh came up anyway to bring Gracyn her Easter Wagon. She loved it! She has been putting randoms things in it all week and pulling it around.

Time to dye Easter Eggs!

Trying to think of what to draw.

Gracyn's beautiful eggs!

Easter morning we were up before 7:00. After changing Gracyn's diaper we walked into the living room and she gasped when she saw what the Easter Bunny brought her! She got so many things and was so excited!

Graycn loved hunting for Easter Eggs! She was really good at finding where the Easter Bunny hid them!

After hunting for Easter Eggs we got ready for church. Gracyn looked like a little ray of sunshine on a rainy day! The lady in the church nursery said she looked like a little sunflower. We heard a wonderful sermon about the Resurrection of Christ, which reminded us of the reason for Easter.

I love this goofy little smile!

She has her egg and her purse....she is ready to go!

Happy Birthday Aunt Jeffie!

Last week we celebrated Aunt Jeffie's 30th birthday! Grandpa and Ma came down to Springdale and we had lunch and birthday cake! Since we wouldn't be going to Bristow for Easter, Grandpa and Ma brought Gracyn a little Easter surprise. We also went ahead and dyed Easter Eggs. Gracyn didn't really understand the concept of coloring on the eggs, she just wanted to dunk the crayon in the cup of dye.

Happy Birthday Aunt Jeffie!

Grandpa Thomas and Gracyn!

Gracyn relaxing in the hammock!

Ma helping Gracyn open her Easter bunny basket!

Gracyn dying eggs...actually, she just dipped the Crayon in the dye!

Tuesday was picture day at daycare. I was trying to take her picture before leaving for daycare. She wanted nothing to do with the camera. Here's to hoping her actual pictures turned out a little better than this!

Monday, April 18, 2011


This past Saturday, we went to Razorfest and the annual Red/White game. We didn't have much fun at the festivities in the pit. Gracyn was just a little too young for the activties they had set up there. So, after walking from Lot 56 to the Pit, we turned around and walked to Chick Fil A to get some lunch before walking back to the stadium. Whew, talk about exhausting! Gracyn had fun at the game and is perfecting the "Pig Soiee" part of the Hog Call. She has the WOOOOO down pat!

A least Gracyn didn't have to walk all that way.

She slept all the way to Chick FIl A.

Throwing a bag of turkey into the hole...odd game.

Calling the Hogs!

Enjoying the ride!

Running around!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Gracyn was invited to Maya's 3rd birthday party Saturday. She had so much fun! The majority of the time was spent in the backyard playing with all of Maya's toys. Since our backyard is home to a giant bear of a dog, we don't take Gracyn out there much. After this weekend, I am determined to fix up our backyard so that we can have one section for Maggie and one for us to take Gracyn out to play. My plan is to put up a fence to break the yard in two. This way, Gracyn can play without Maggie jumping all over here. It will be a few years before they can play together. Maggie is just too big and rough, although a very sweet puppy!

Watching Maya open her presents! I just can't believe how much of a big girl Gracyn has become it just the past few months!

Doing an Easter Egg Hunt at the party!

I couldn't keep this girl out of the sandbox! She loved it!

Again...I couldn't keep her out of it! Here she is yelling at Dad bc it was time to go home. Also, note the number of balls in the sandbox with her. She went around the whole time saying, "Ball, ball, ball." Needless to say, I bought her a ball the next day!

Sweet Cousins!

This past weekend, my aunt from Dallas and great aunt from Tulsa came to visit. My mom, sister, brother, and niece also came up. Talk about a house full! We had a blast!

My niece, Myla, is already 10 months old! She was born last June way earlier than anyone expected. She was only 2 lbs 3 oz. She got to come home sooner than anyone thought and is doing so well! She is still very little for her age, but is one strong little baby! She is crawling and already pulling herself up.

Gracyn loved on Myla all weekend. Well, as long as I wasn't holding her. Gracyn was a bit jealous. Anytime I would hold Myla she would want me to hold her to. There was a time or two that Gracyn would push Myla away. Then again, there were times when Gracyn would try to hug her. This was the cutest thing to see! Gracyn hasn't let me feed her with a spoon in I don't even know how long, but when I was feeding Myla, she wanted me to feed her too. It's was a little funny to see how jealous she was.

This is Gracyn trying to lean in for a hug.

Another hug!

Helping Myla crawl.

Look how strong this little girl is!

Saturday afternoon we all walked to the park in the neighborhood. Gracyn had fun running around while Myla was using her stroller and Kaeleigh had fun crawling all over the jungle gym and flipping upside down!

Gracyn was ready to get the show on the road!

Myla and her Daddy sliding!

Kaeleigh just hanging out!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Little Gardener!

We bought our house almost three years ago and just this weekend did our flower bed. When they built the house they put a couple little shrubs in front of the windows, but I hated them, so a couple months after moving in we ripped them out with intentions of doing our own thing. That never happened. I had to work yesterday morning for a couple of hours then we had dinner plans with Katie and Eric. We figured we would have time to get it all done in the afternoon. WRONG! Digging up the ground is hard work! That is all we got accomplished yesterday.

We went to church this morning then came home and started at it again. Gracyn helped us out by supervising, digging, and putting dirt in the bucket. She was so exhausted this evening that I figured she would crash. NOPE! I tried putting her down three different times. I finally just got her and laid in bed with her in the guest room and she was out like a light. I guess she just wanted to cuddle!

Playing with a dandelion.

Remind me next time to get this girl a hat! She did not like the wind blowing her hair!

Digging in the dirt. She wanted to use the shovel so I brought out this sponge brush. She didn't seem to mind using it. I took it away once I realized she was sucking on it, GROSS!

Poor kid...looks like a ragamuffin!


After! I'm wanting to add some foliage and possibly some annuals. We have to wait and make sure I can keep these alive! Oh, and I finally got a bird feeder! I've been wanting one forever! Now, if I just had a little sitting area so I could watch them eat.